I am sick of EAS problems, and I want to convert to coils. Can you help?

Nope. Sorry, I am not interested in EAS to coil conversions on a P38.

If you feel that strongly about it, my suggestion is to sell the P38 to someone who will fix the EAS, and buy yourself a Disco II (without SLS) instead.

There is a lot of helpful information at aulro.com and rangerovers.net about fixing EAS issues. When all other troubleshooting fails and weirdness persists with the EAS, it is almost always the EAS Driver Unit (black box on the side of the valve block) or the EAS Delay Timer (under front LH seat) that is the culprit.

Or do you think you are too tough on the car for EAS to be up to the job? Sure… maybe you should be driving a Defender 😉

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