Why did you stop selling the HRA P38 Roo Bar?

The Roo Bar was a joint design between Hardy (the original owner of Hard Range) and Alloy Motor Accessories in Brisbane, Australia. In early 2012 we decided that it would be more effective for customers to deal directly with the fabricator in terms of customisation, shipping and better pricing. We were making a very small profit on each bar to keep the cost down, and each bar was made to order, meaning that there was a lot of admin overhead ensuring that customisations, payment and shipping went smoothly. If there was ever a problem with the order, well, even more overhead.
We still think that AMA make great bars, and have been referring many people who ask about the Roo Bar to them. In late 2012 we heard that AMA have advised prospective customers that they are no longer offering the HRA Roo Bar (aka Brahma Bar) for sale.
This is a great shame, as it was the only SRS-airbag compliant aftermarket bar for the P38 in the world.

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